Possibilities of the new Cadaver dissection software package (2021)

PhD, MD Reminetskyy Borys Yaroslavovych during class use new video system (2021)

Renovated and refurbished teaching rooms (2021)

PhD, MD Halytska-Kharkhalis Oleksandra Yaroslavivna during online class with sutudents (2020)

Department team (bottom from left to right): Assistant Professor O.P. Ilkiv, Associate Professor P.P. Flekey, Associate Professor O.Ya. Halytska-Kharkhalis, Professor I.Ye. Herasymyuk, Professor A.M. Pryshliak, Associate Professor O.M. Kyrytchok, Associate Professor S.I. Yavorska; (top from left to right): Assistant Professor T.Ya.Stravskyy, Assistant Professor A.T. Televiak, Associate Professor A.V. Hantimurov, Assistant Professor O.B.Havlich, Associate Professor I.V. Pylypko, Associate Professor A.V. Miz, Assistant Professor V.V. Buryy, Associate Professor I.I. Boymystruk, Associate Professor B.Ya. Reminetskyy, Associate Professor M.V. Yushchak, PhD Student M.P. Klantsa, Assistant Professor I.V. Kit, Associate Professor T.R. Henyk, Laboratory Technician O.P. Danylevych (2019)

Associate Professor M.V. Yushchak at a training session in the Human Anatomy Museum (2019)

International students preparing to pass tests for practical skills (2019)

Associate Professor B.Ya. Reminetskyy at a training session on "Anatomy of the heart" (2018)

Students studying the limb bones in the Human Anatomy Museum (2019)

Professor I. Ye. Herasymyuk at a training session on "Pelvic and lower limbs bones" (2019)

Students during a class of the Project Group on development of contrast fluid usage skills; the results of their work - contrasted arteries of a rat, on the right (2018)

Students making a review of chest muscles function by means of interactive anatomy software in the Human Anatomy Museum (2018)